Volvo Lease Returns in Meredith, NH



Volvo Lease Returns in Meredith, NH.



At Lovering Volvo Cars Meredith, we want to ensure your end-of-lease experience is as enjoyable as driving your Volvo. We're here to help simplify the process, review your lease-end options, and let you decide which choice works best for you.



We’re here to help you review all your options so you can make the best lease-end decision for you.

Lovering Volvo Cars Meredith Meredith NH

Turn-In Your Volvo Lease

Simple, hassle-free, and convenient. Let us make your lease turn-in experience easy for you.

Lovering Volvo Cars Meredith Meredith NH

Lease/Purchase a New Volvo

Take advantage of our current great lease specials and upgrade to a new Volvo along with all the technology, safety, & sustainability features it offers.

Lovering Volvo Cars Meredith Meredith NH

Trade-In Your Volvo Lease

Receive premium market value for your Volvo when you trade-in vs. turn in your lease. Doing so, may very well help you get a lower monthly payment on your next Volvo lease or purchase.

Lovering Volvo Cars Meredith Meredith NH

Purchase Your Volvo Lease

Let us assist you in securing exceptional financing terms so you can continue driving your Volvo for many good years and miles to come.


Lovering Volvo Cars Meredith is here to make your lease-end experience simple and smooth.

Lovering Volvo Cars Meredith Meredith NH

Volvo End-of-Lease Inspection

60 days prior to lease-end, Volvo will perform a complimentary vehicle inspection to determine any excess wear.

  • Appointment: A representative will contact you to schedule a complimentary vehicle inspection.
  • Location: You can have your vehicle inspected at your home, office or any other location that is convenient for you.
  • Repairs: If your inspection report indicates repairs are necessary. Should you make any repairs, make sure to keep all receipts for proof of completion.

Turn-In Appointment

30 days prior to lease-end, you can CONTACT OUR FINANCE TEAM to schedule your turn-in appointment.

What to Bring at Lease Turn-In

Volvo requests that you deliver your Volvo lease return vehicle in clean condition. Volvo also asks that you please bring the following items with you to Lovering Volvo Cars Meredith at lease turn-in:

  • All keys to the vehicle
  • Owner's Manual
  • Spare tire or tire sealant kit
  • Any maintenance records
  • Any receipts for completed repairs

After You Turn In Your Volvo

Confirm your final mileage with Volvo Car Financial Services by calling 1-866-499-6793.

Lovering Volvo Cars Meredith Meredith NH